Czechs (Trnka, Zeman, Brdečka), Americans (Bosustow and UPA) and Canadians (McLaren) as the pioneers of media avant-gardism after the weary Disney monumental feature film concept of animated drawing. In 1957. and 1958. a surprising new contribution was given to this trend by films from Zagreb – with an original approach to drawing, animation, content and generally a view on the art of animation. After the first joint performance abroad, at the Film Festival in Cannes in 1958., a seven film program of Zagreb Film enjoyed a huge success. French reviewers, George Sadoul and Andre Martin already then launched the syntagm Zagreb School of Animated Film.

In 1953. the Croatian Union of Film Workers established a film company, Zagreb Film, which was engaged in all kinds of film activities – from distribution to producing short and feature length films. It all started with commisioned and commercial films, feature film co-productions, after which the company specialized in documenataries and short feature films. In 1956. Zagreb Film formed the Studio for Animated Film, where after several years of break continuous work on animation was established again. Thanks to the art film animation , this film company will soon reach world fame.