Vinkovačke jeseni

«Vinkovačke jeseni» is a folklore festival of national importance, and also the largest festival of its kind in this part of Europe. It first took place back in 1966, being immediately accepted by the locals as mainstage for the cultural legacy not only of local people, but also of entire Croatia and a number of foreign countries.

Vinkovačke jeseni are held each year in the month of September, which is also the beginning of Autumn, after which this Festival got his name. The Reason for establishment of this Festival is that that the Autumn is that Season that Awards the most the People of Slavonia for their hard labor. This Festival has soon started to bind all of those who are lovers of cultural heritage, dialects, and old customs.

In the days of the Festival the audience finds out everything about the diversity of the Folklore in Slavonia, and about the foreign Folklores that also participate in Vinkovačke jeseni. The Stage is for the duration of the Festival provisionally made, and is designed as an Open-air Stage. The Costumes and the Scenography are Thematic so in that comes the beauty of shapes and colors of the garments and the Sounds of Tamburica and Gaida to light.



The Opening Ceremony – one of the most visited Events during the Vinkovačke jeseni. The “Opening Ceremony” is actually a mass of people that goes along the streets of Vinkovci and observes the progress of the parade. In this event it is significant to mention the procession of the Horsepeople on the Horses that move in front of the procession of the people.

The Review of Original Croatian Folklore – The Review begins after the Opening Ceremony, and lasts for two days. On the Review, at first, enter the two most successful Folklore Associations, first the ones from Vinkovci, and then the other Folklore Associations from all over Croatia.

Folklore Evenings – On the folklore evenings are sung songs from around Croatia. The Folklore Evenings are thought for the restored, and for newly lunched Folklore Societies.

Small Talks of the Šokci – This is an Event, whose task is to represent the former way of life of the People of Slavonia, and to remember how one used to live in Slavonia.

More info: http://www.vk-jeseni.com/eng.php