Why not swap that four-wheeler for a two-wheeler? In what is slowly becoming somewhat of a common trend, more and more locals have thought wisely and have begun to choose the ecological route to town. The hustle and bustle of cars in the heart of the city as well as having to battle for a car park, isn’t the way to travel. Local government have been proactive in asphalting many of the roads and in doing so, cyclists have been given some extra TLC (tender loving care).

Nowadays, roads are marked for cyclists with either red paint or are separated from the main road by yellow and white lines. The markings are very visible and clear to both bike riders and car drivers alike.

For those seeking a recreational ride then Maksimir, Bundek and Jarun are the ideal locations.

Maksimir interactive map: http://www.park-maksimir.hr/maksimir_hr/Maksimir_karta.htm

Bundek interactive map: http://www.kartazagreba.info/bundek.php

Jarun interactive map: http://www.kartazagreba.info/karta-jarun.php

True cycling enthusiasts who wish to be challenged should know that the city surroundings are filled with alternative bicycle routes that range in various levels of degree as well as different types of surface.

Bike routes: http://www.zagreb.hr/UserDocsImages/Biciklisticka%20karta%20Zagreba.pdf

More info: http://www.pedala.hr and http://www.mojbicikl.hr.