In almost 200 years since their introduction, railways have never experienced so many significant changes as has been the case during the last ten years. Unlike previously, these changes are now not limited to technical and technological solutions. For the first time they also affect organisational arrangements, ownership structure, market orientation, new legislative solutions and similar aspects. New market and competition orientation and profitability as additional operating parameters have become the new basis for operational policy. Compared with other transport sectors, rail transport shows a wide range of advantages in terms of energy efficiency, environmental sustainability and cost efficiency. In addition, rail allows fast and economical mass transport of people and goods. For the above-mentioned reasons, together with excellent positioning within the traffic network, Croatian Railways’ network is also characterised through integration in European railway network. Croatian Railways’ long-term business projections envisage the construction of modern infrastructure on sections, which belong to the V, B and C and X Pan- European transport corridors.

X Pan-European transport corridor which connects Western Europe with Greece, Bulgaria and Turkey. Its Croatian section is state border with Slovenia – Savski Marof – Vinkovci – Tovarnik – state border with Serbia. The total length of this section is 316.4 km.

Branches of V Pan-European transport corridor which connects Italy with Ukraine through Slovenia and Hungary are:

B-branch which connects Budapest with Rijeka via Koprivnica and Zagreb. Its Croatian section is from the state with Hungary – Botovo – Zagreb – Karlovac – Rijeka. The total length of the section is 328.7 km.

C-branch which connects Budapest and the Ploče Port via Osijek, Đakovo, Šamac, Sarajevo and Mostar. Its Croatian sections are from the border with Hungary – Beli Manastir – Osijek – Slavonski Šamac – border with Bosnia and Herzegovina (north extension of C-branch within V corridor) and border with Bosnia and Herzegovina – Metković – Ploče (southern extension of C-branch within V corridor). Total length of these sections is 129.6 km.

Railway map: http://www.asz.hr/wp-content/uploads/KARTA-hz-pruge-srpanj2012_ASZ1.pdf

More info: http://www.hzpp.hr/Default.aspx?sec=282