Sea transport

Croatia has several large seaports. The largest seaport with the deepest channel to a port in the Adriatic is Port of Rijeka on the northern Croatian coast, followed by Ploče in southern Dalmatia. The port of Ploče is of strategic importance for the industries of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The largest Croatian passenger port is Split in Dalmatia, also called gateway to the islands, followed by Zadar. There are 66 inhabited islands along the Croatian coast which means there is a large number of local ferry connections.

Ports and harbors:

More info: http://www.jadrolinija.hr/default.aspx?lang=2

riječni parobrod

River transport

Croatia is also on the important Danube waterway, which connects Eastern and Central Europe. The major Danube port is Vukovar.

Perennially navigable rivers:

  • Danube (section from Batina to Ilok which is in Croatia)
  • Sava – from Rugvica until it exits Croatia near Gunja. The most upstream port is in Sisak.